Welcome to St. Francis de Sales 

Regional Catholic School

Faith ~ Respect ~ Family Values ~ Academic Excellence

Welcome to St. Francis de Sales regional Catholic School!  St. Francis is the best choice you can make to prepare your child academically, emotionally, and spiritually for today's world.  Father Mark Cunningham  (pastor), Ms. Kathleen Coye  (principal), the staff, the faculty, the parents, and the students of St. Francis de Sales School want to share with you just how special our school is.  After viewing the information we have provided on this web site, it is our sincere hope that you will take that next step toward enrolling at St. Francis de Sales School. 

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Our Mission Statement

St. Francis de Sales Regional Catholic School serves children of all faiths, Preschool through Grade 6. We provide a safe, nurturing environment that is academically challenging, setting the foundation for students to become lifelong learners. We emphasize the need to serve in the Catholic faith and we offer opportunities to share in the mission of Jesus Christ.

St. Francis de Sales offers:
  • Small classes with personal attention
  • Excellent, measurable academic results
  • Experienced, expert faculty
  • Values, faith and character oriented
  • High scores on NYS standardized tests
  • Family involvement welcomed
  • Busing available from local school districts
  • Safe, secure environment for all children
  • Pre-K (half-day or full), grades K-6
Click HERE to see more photos taken during our school year. 
St. Francis de Sales Regional Catholic School 
~ 220 Henry Street ~ Herkimer ~ New York ~ 13350
Phone: (315) 866-4831     Email: [email protected]